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Parent Organisation

The All India Anglo-Indian Association is the apex body representing the Anglo-Indian community in India. The All-India Anglo-Indian Association having its head registered office in Delhi is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is the direct descendent of the Eurasian and Anglo-Indian Association founded on the 16th December 1876. The Association was formed to watch over and protect the interests and promote the welfare of Anglo Indians in India and others associated with them by community and sympathies and interests. The objects of the association are charitable, educational and cultural . It has approximately seventy odd branches across the country.

 Membership :  

All members of the Anglo-Indian Community automatically qualify for membership of the Association. The role of a member is not only to make personal donations or the support of the fund raising activities, but in genuine concern for the needs of Anglo-Indians everywhere.

An application to become a member shall be made on the prescribed form by a member of the community above the age of 15 years and shall be addressed to the particular branch secretary of the nearest branch in the state in which the applicant resides. The application shall be placed before the branch committee by the secretary which shall have the right to elect, admit or reject the applicant, but before making an admission the eligibility of the applicant shall be investigated


a. The aims and goals of the Association are to provide a common meeting place for Anglo Indians and, encourage their extended families and their new friends to participate and promote the Association's Social, Cultural, Welfare and Charitable activities which have been established for the benefit of Members of the Association and the community generally.

b. That the Association will be conducted as a non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian organisation for the benefit of its members.


 The governing body shall consist of :-

 1. The President-in-chief  [ Current P-in-C  Mr.Barry O'Brien ]who shall be elected by the members of the association at an Annual General meeting





 2. Not more than 8 members from the union territory of Delhi who shall be elected b y the members of the association at an Annual General meeting.

 3. The representatives of the community in Parliament and in the State Legislatures, as per the provisions of Article - 331 and 333 of the Indian Constitution, as ex-officio members, provided that they are members of the association and they are approved by the Governing Body. 


 Governing Body shall have the powers to establish Branches of the association as administrative units in towns with separate local administrations or in areas to be decided by the Governing  Body.The Governing Body shall conduct all the affairs as laid out in the Articles of Association.

  OFFICIAL MAGAZINE : The official monthly Magazine called : " THE REVIEW " is published by the association and is one of the oldest and most widely circulated. This is a very informative and well designed magazine keeping everyone in touch with Anglo-Indian happenings, meetings, events and information past and present. This is definitely one magazine one should subscribe to.!! If you wish to contribute any article you may also mail it to : The editor -The review, 7/2 Y  Jamir Lane, Kolkata-700019 or email your contributions to : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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ASSOCIATION MANAGED SCHOOLS : The Governing Body manages three schools founded by one of our great leaders - Mr. Frank Anthony, known as The Frank Anthony Public Schools - established at Calcutta, New Delhi and Bangalore. These are leading Anglo-Indian Schols in India and are all affiliated to The Council for the Indian School certificate Examinations, New Delhi.  

 SCHOLARSHIPS : The Association has been helping Anglo-Indians with numerous scholarships to persue school, college and professional/technical and vocational courses, by giving them the Frank Anthony Scholarships. Applications on the prescribed forms must be routed through the respective branches to the Central Office for Sanction.