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Facebook link for Golden Jubilee celebrations -1st August  2021 @6:30 pm 












To Branch Presidents and Committees for onward transmission to all members  

Dear Members, 
I am delighted to inform you that BAIT, another initiative ideated by our President-in-Chief, will be launched on Facebook on Sunday 14 February at 7.30 pm. Do attend the online event and invite your friends and family to do the same - it promises to be very enjoyable and  entertaining. 
The following is the event fb link:
BAIT is being created to preserve and promote our culture, primarily through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
BAIT stands for Best Anglo-Indian Talent. It will create opportunities for Anglo-Indians to regularly showcase their talent in singing, dancing, acting, recitation and so on. It will also organize online events from time to time – competitive, recreational, enriching or informative in nature: contests, interviews, workshops, webinars, quizzes and so on. 
The following are the links to the BAIT fb page and Instagram Account respectively:
Do join us on Sunday 14 February to launch BAIT with a Valentine's Day Special. 

Thank you. 
Rudolf Woodman
Honorary General Secretary
The All-India Anglo-Indian Association








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