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                            DANAPUR BRANCH, PATNA, BIHAR, INDIA      

We have forged a history in many ways of any larger community
Anywhere in the world and this could be justifiably proud.
Let us cling and cling tenaciously, to all we hold dear –
Our Language, Our Way of Life, Our Distinctive Culture.
But let us always remember that we are Indians. The community is Indian.
It has always been Indian. Above all, It has an inalienable Indian birthright.
The more we love and are loyal to India, the more India will love and be loyal to us
I do not believe that the community will be absorbed or disappear because of some
Allegedly inevitable historical-cum-biological processes.
Anglo- Indians have a certain coherent sense, which in the final analysis will ensure
Continuing cohesion and identity - Frank Anthony



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If you want to showcase your talent as a singer, dancer, actor, or share a performance that you are proud of, or an Anglo-Indian recipe or anything you might want us to feature on our YouTube channel, send us your video - by clicking on this link - https://forms.gle/pMCGMR6KLCLCGQt89

If you have a question you want answered by our President-in-Chief, Barry O'Brien, send it to us by clicking on this link - https://forms.gle/XTSxq5kuMZM4K6YF8.   The answer to your question will be uploaded to our YouTube channel under the playlist "The President-In-Chief Answers."

The All-India Anglo-Indian Association Youth Committee, the responsibility of creating a database of Anglo-Indian youth nationwide. To this end, we have created a form which we request you to fill in and submit.  https://forms.gle/gvR4JXSe9pSFLgFz5    The form can be filled up by youth between the age group 15-35 years, who is an Anglo-Indian or whose mother is an Anglo-Indian.


My Me Time is a combination of a variety of new poems that will take you into a time sequence of different thought, there is a little of everything for everyone. by our own Anglo-Indian member Mitchelle Reid.  Mitchelle Reid's " My Me Time ", is a rare collection, a bouquet of 26 fabulous poems, indeed; and all her poems make an interesting inspirational reading. Written in a simple but elegant style, all the poems should lift up the human spirit to new heights in self-understanding as well as in appreciating others.  Available on Amazon - Kindle and Print version.

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"END of the RAAJ" - a documentary on the Anglo-Indians by Paul Harris. A promotional film on - anglo-indian-isms by Paul Harris



"THE ANGLO-INDIAN WAY" - Anglo-Indian Anthem - Playing Tribute to the Community