HONORARY    SECRETARY’S    REPORT    FOR    THE    YEAR    2017 - 2018


AT  DON BOSCO ACADEMY, PATNA, DT –  25th August 2018

A very good evening to Mr. & Mrs. Rozario, Mr. Eric deRozario – Governing Body Member & President of the AIAIA Youth, dear members and our Gen. Next present here.  I present before you my report for the year 2017 - 18.

Activities held during 2017-18 :

1          World Anglo-Indian Day Celebration was celebrated after the last AGM at the DBA hall wherein 27 Students of the branch were awarded for their academic perseverance to the tune of Rs. 20,000/-

2          The Inter-School Football Fest a sporting event to encourage the game of football  among  the  students  of  Patna was organized on Saturday 7th October 2017 and Sunday 8th October 2017 at the Police Line Ground, Lodipur.  Due to rescheduling of this tournament from August to October the number of teams participating dropped.  Our main sponsor for this event was Mr. & Mrs. Nero Das along-with Sameer of M/s. Book Point.  We thank them whole heartedly for their support.

3          Our Children put up a wonderful Teacher’s Day programme to celebrate the teaching fraternity of our branch.  These children were mentored by Mr. & Mrs. Alan Cowell along-with Mr. James Ried.  A big thank you to our wonderful children and their mentors too,  not forgetting the senior kids who help guide the younger ones.

4          The Annual Christmas Hamper sale turned out to be a bumper harvest and a sum of Rs. 2,05,420/- was collected from the students of Don Bosco Primary School, Don Bosco Academy and members too.  A total of 20 lucky people won those big Christmas Hampers.

5          The Leighlyn Fernandez Memorial Christmas Carol Competition held on the 17th of December 2017 was a huge success.  It was as colourful and melodious as you can imagine.  As of now this is our best event going right now, but at a pretty high cost.

6          AMAN KA PAIGAM - CHRISTMAS - A programme to share the true spirit and message of Christmas was held on the 19th of December 2017 at the historic Gandhi Maidan at 4 pm.  The Honorable Speaker of the Bihar Vidhan Sabha - Mr. Vijay Choudhary was our Chief Guest,who spoke most eloquently and set the tone for the evening.

Other than Mr. Choudhary, eminent personalities - Mr. A. G. de Rozario – Ex MLA, Mr. Glen Galstaun – MLA Jharkhand, Prof. Dr. Shankar Dutt,  Prof Dr. Munniba Sami, Mr. Azfar Hasan, Mr. Mervyn Cowell and Mr. Christopher Bachmann – CEO Patna YMCA etc., delivered their CHRISTMAS message to the people of Patna, Bihar.  This was the first time our branch organized such an open public event at the historic Gandhi Maidan.

The school choirs of Don Bosco Primary School, Don Bosco Academy and Patmer School sang wonderful carols at this event.  A huge thank you to the management of Don Bosco Primary School, Don Bosco Academy, Patmer School and the YMCA for supporting this event of ours whole heartedly.  A big thank you to Mr. Roger Warren - Senior Area Manager – Hero Motocorp Ltd., our main sponsor for this event. Thank you Roger.

7          The Annual Christmas Tree party on the 21st of December 2017 at 126 – PPC went off well.  Members enjoyed Aunty Dorothy’s Christmas cake while Santa gave away gifts to all our little kids and three lucky people won the huge and heavy hampers.  The gathering was decent with giant chickens from Chicken Mafia strolling around posing for selfies.

8          The Danapur Branch & the Patna Branch  jointly organised The Boxing Day Dance at the Don Bosco Academy Hall. It was a wonderful evening with scintillating music, exciting games, delicious dinner & great camaraderie of members from both the branches.

9          As quite a few of the members and a lot of the office bearers were out of town after Christmas, the New Year’s Eve Dance was a non-starter.

10        Our Annual Blood Donation programme was held at the Kurji Holy Family Hospital on the auspicious occasion of Good Friday on 14th April 2017.  Many of our members donated their precious blood for the needy and poor.  Some members donated blood at the Patliputra Parish too.

11        Due to poor response for the Easter Party, the Easter show was called off.

12        The Danapur Branch along-with the Patna Branch hosted the 2nd National Youth Meet of the All-India Anglo-Indian Association Youth from the 18th to the 20th of May 2017.  Over 200 young delegates from all over the country descended upon our campus to enjoy Bihari Hospitality….which I must tell you they relished and took back fond memories.

The main aim of this initiative is to have a separate meeting/get together for our Anglo-Indian Youth wherein they are advised and guided/mentored on various issues like the importance of higher education, professional education, job counseling, mock interviews, public speaking plus a talent hunt in music, dance, sports and arts.

This National Youth Meet was inaugurated by His Excellency Most Reverend William D'Souza SJ., Archbishop of Patna Diocese.  Hats off to Mr. Eric de Rozario – National President of the All-India Anglo-Indian Association Youth who pulled off this event with great maturity and aplomb.  All the mentors who came with their respective teams praised and thanked Eric for the great hospitality provided.  A Special thank you to the Management of Don Bosco Academy and St. Dominic Savio High School for providing their premises and facilities for this wonderful event.  Special thanks to all the office bearers and volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the event a grand success.

13        The Drawing and Painting Competition, our fund raising programme was successfully conducted last year and the response from Don Bosco Primary School was wonderful and we collected a sum of Rs. 1,02,450/-.  A huge thank you to the staff of Don Bosco Primary School for helping us in this Drawing and Painting Competition.  Thank you.

14        We’ve just completed the drawing & painting competition of Don Bosco Primary School on 18/08/2018 for this year.  This year the collection was not as good as last year.  Don Bosco Academy will be conducting this event at DBA very shortly, plus we intend to have an open competition for other schools too, hopefully it works out.  We will need all your help and co-operation when it is done.

The winners of the drawing & painting competition of the Primary School were felicitated at the Don Bosco Primary School Elocution Contest last year -  Courtesy Mrs. Dorothy de Rozario, Mr. Anthony de Rozario & Mrs. Veronica de Rozario.   We request them to do the same this year too.

Due to paucity of funds / sponsorships, the Elocution, the Debate & the India quiz were non starters.   I sincerely request members to please help us with sponsorships & funds.  At least, pay your subscriptions which will go a long way in managing our finances.

Regarding subscriptions, cheques of a few members were returned back to us last month.  These members are requested to meet the Honorary Treasure and clear their cheques along-with the penalty levied by the bank for defaulting.  Please avoid these embarrassing situations.

I wonder how many people know that we were the first branch to have its own website and how many of you log into it.  If you do, you will find a lot of information and maybe you could trace your family tree.  For this I thank to Mr. Michael Daniell for regularly updating our website and I thank very specially Mrs. Rozario for sponsoring this website.  When you have some spare time do look it up…..  For your information, Mr. Michael Daniell is in the process of creating a mobile app of our website, which you will be able to access directly on your smartphones.  Thanx Mike.

Special thanks to Mr. Anthony de Rozario & Mrs. Veronica de Rozario for their unstinted help and cooperation.   We sincerely appreciate their co-operation and support.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Fiona deRozario for her help and support too.  She’s on our branch committee and takes keen interest in our activities.  Thank you, Fiona.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Rozario – Director/Senior Principal of DBA and Ms. Mary Alphonsa – Principal of DBA for helping us always by providing us the Don Bosco Academy premises and its facilities from time to time to conduct our functions and activities.

I thank very specially Mrs. Rozario for all her help and co-operation too, in fact saying thank you is not enough.   Most of you do not know how much she feels for the members and the community at large.   Her concern for our well being is most genuinely pure.  She prefers to stay away from the spotlight.  And yes, we pursue a lot of her ideas and thoughts at the Danapur Branch and we’ll always continue to do so.

Very special thanks to our sincere and faithful sponsors for supporting us in our activities.  Their contributions are most humbly appreciated.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  Very specially, Mr. Roger Warren – Hero Motocorp Ltd., Mr. Nero & Mrs. Helen Das, Mr. Sameer Patole of M/s. Book Point and Mr. K. K. Agarwal – M/s. Agarwal Fancy Stores.

Special thanks to some of our faithful well wishers and a round of applause for them too.   They are Mr. Sudhir Singh who faithfully helps us with the media coverage.  Mr. N. P. Gupta the DBA sports teacher who helps us with all our sporting activities,  Mr. Satish & team of Book Point who help us during the Football Fest and a very special thanks to all the staff of DBPS & DBA who come forward to help us in our activities.

Subscriptions is not a problem, it is a big problem, especially at the Danapur Branch.  From some it’s not coming on time and from most not at all over the last few years.  But, having said that, last year we did recover a decent amount of subscriptions of which some turned out to be bouncers.   It’s not fair to put pressure on you by asking Madam & Sir to help us recover your subs.  Please do so voluntarily.  The Honorary Treasurer will brief you on the state of our subscriptions / accounts a little later.

With all the excess baggage we carry, we still love you folks and try to do our best for you.  I thank you members for encouraging and supporting us in all our endeavors.  Your presence is all that we ask for other than your subscriptions.

I thank very specially the office bearers for all their help and co-operation, no matter what, where, how, whether funds or no funds this team gets on with their tasks and make sure you members have a successful function.  This team needs a huge round of applause,  cause’ this is the team that gives in their all for you all.   Just remember guys – the size of your audience doesn’t matter, just keep up the good work and keep the faith……

A huge round of applause for our President – Mr. Eric de Rozario for leading his flock.  His commitment & hard work is amazing.   Thank You Eric.

A wise person once said – What we desire is not always what we get.  But unknowingly many times we get things much more than what we expect……these are called BLESSINGSAnd our blessing’s is none other than Mr. & Mrs. Rozario.

Thank you very much Madam and Sir for all that you do for the community and very specially for us at the Danapur Branch.  We Pray for God’s Blessings upon you always.  Thank you once again.

Thank you all for coming and God Bless Our Community!!!!!!!