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 Late MICHAEL MORRIS (IPS Retd) Died on 8/11/76


He was the first Anglo-Indian member of the  Legislative Assembly to represent his community in Bihar. Intellectually gifted,emotionally sensitive and dedicated to a cause beyond himself, he was devoted to the task of service of those around him without making much of a show about it. 





Late ELSIE AUGIER (1957 - 1969)

Mrs. Elsie Augier was nominated M.L.A. in 1957 and held office till 1969, when Mr. Brown was nominated. She showed keen interest in the work of the Association and endeared herself by her charming manner to the members of various branches in the State., and to her colleagues at the All- India Branch meetings She attended most of the Annual General Meetings of the Association during her tenure as M.L.A and took part in the discussions especially in the context of the many problems confronting the Community in Bihar.

Mrs. Augier belonged to the oldest Anglo-Indian family in chota Nagpur. She was educated in two of the leading Anglo-Indian Institutions, Down Hill School , Kurseong and Loretto House Calcutta. She was immensely interested in the preservation of wild life and it was largelyecause of her effort the "Wild Life Day " was inaugurated in the Country. Mrs. Augier was a famous collector of orchids . She devoted much of her time to social work among the Adivasis."





 Mr H.A.Brown






Late HECTOR ANGUS BROWN (I.C.S./I.A.S.) (1969 - 1995), Died - 5/5/1995

Hector Angus  Brown, has been notably one of the very prominent Anglo Indians of Bihar. Born on 16th April 1909, he completed his school education -I.Sc from Patna University and then Graduated - B.A.(Hons) and was the winner of the Government Gold Medal at the University. He was a bachelor all his life and served the Governments of Bihar and Bengal very ably and enjoyed a very good service record matched by few - He then became the Anglo Indian MLA for Bihar for over 25 long years and served the members of the community well.

1933-1941  -   Govt. of Bihar  - Deputy Collector Mothari , Dist-Purnea                                                   .

1941-1944  -    Foreign Service-Commissioned officer in Indian Army

1944-1945  -   Govt. of Bengal-SDO-Kalna, Dist -Burdwan (on deputation)

1945-1946   - SDO, Buxar   Govt. of Bihar

1946-1947  -   Kolhan Superdnt. Chaibasa

1947            -   SDO, Bettiah,Champaran

1947-1948  -  Under Secretary, Supply Dept.

1948            - Special Officer, Additional Collector Darbhanga

1948-1952  - Additional Collector - Purulia

1952-1953  - Additional Collector-Gaya

1953-1954  - Additional Collector-Saran

1954-1956  - Additional Collector-Saharsa

1956-1957  - Additional Collector-Santal Parganas

1957-1959  - Charge Officer - Purnea

1958            - Promoted to an I.A.S Officer on  5/2/1958

1959-1966  - Settlement Officer - Muzaffarpur

1966            - Settlement Officer - Singhbhum

1967            - Retired on 16th April 1967

1969-1995  - Nominated to the Bihar Legislative Assembly as the Anglo Indian    Representative MLA

 agd mla


 agd mla1






 ALFRED GEORGE deROZARIO (1995 - 2000)

Alfred George deRozario was born at Waltair and lived in South India where he completed his schooling. After which he came to Bihar where his father was posted, in the Indian Railways. He completed his further education here. He began his teaching career in 1965 at St Michael's High School, Patna where he continued till 1982 teaching English, and was actively involved in dramatics, elocution and all games and sports. In 1982 he left St Michael's to join as Principal of Don Bosco Academy

Alfred George deRozario is one of the distinguished members and well-known personalities in Bihar. Some of his accomplishments have been: -

1. Member of the Bihar Legislative Assembly(M.L.A) 1995-2000 

2. Vice President of the YMCA 1993-97 
3. President of the Anglo-Indian Association - Danapur Branch - 1989-1996 
4. Secretary of HEADS OF ICSE/ISC SCHOOLS Bihar 1991-93
5. Member of Governing Body of the All India Anglo-Indian Association 
6. Member of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi 
7. Member of the Patna University Senate 1995-2000 
8. Member of the Board Granting NOC's, Education Department, Govt. of Bihar for CBSE / CISCE Boards. 
9. Member of the State Board for Anglo-Indian Education, as Govt. of Bihar Nominee. 
10. Founder of the Don Bosco Anglo Indian Education Society Patna. 
11.Offical representative of the All India Anglo Indian Association for the states of Bihar and Orissa.





Late Mr. JOSEPH GALSTAUN- died 18/06/2010


(March to November 2000)

 Was transferred to the new state of Jharkhand



From November 2000, there has been no MLA nominated to the Bihar Legislative Assembly, as the Seat for the Anglo Indian MLA in undivided Bihar stood transfered to the new state of Jharkhand as per provisions of the Bihar Re-Organisation Act 2000.


Section 12 and 16: At present there are 324 elected members in the Legislative Assembly of Bihar and one member is Nominated under Article 333 of the Constitution. Out of 324 members 243 members have been alloted to the residuary State of Bihar and 81 members to thje successor State of Jharkhand. The Nominated member may be deemed to have been nominated to the State Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand. The allocation of seats in this case also has been based on territorial location of constituencies concerned. Necessary consequential ammendents have been made to the Second Schedule to the Representation of Peoples Act, 1950.

Section 13: Allocation of Sitting  Members - (4) The sitting member of the Legislative Assembly of the existing State of Bihar Nominated to that Assembly under Article 333 of the constitution to represent the Anglo-Indian community shall be deemed to have been nominated to represent the said community in the Legislative Assembly of the State of Jharkhand under the article.