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HONORARY    SECRETARY’S    REPORT    FOR    THE    YEAR    2011 - 2012


AT 137, PP COLONY, PATNA, DT –  31st March 2012

A very good evening to all you wonderful members of Danapur Branch.  I present before you my report for the year 2011-12 and I hope this meeting will be as fruitful as the previous AGMs or even better. 

 Every year The Danapur Branch strives harder to serve the community better and sets new goals for itself – which at times become very, very difficult to handle, but we overcome all hurdles successfully with the motto of our Mentor and Guide (Mr. Rozario) – TOGETHER  WE STAND,  TOGETHER  WE  PROGRESS


A C T I V I T I E S  :

 The first thing we did as new office bearers of the Danapur Branch was to give the student members a more proactive role in the functioning of the branch affairs and groom them to be future torch bearers of the community.  Therefore, a youth committee headed by Agnes DeRozario ( who is also a Comm. Members ) was formed with the following as her team – Elvis Strong, Jessica D’Souza, Raoul Cowell, Anushwa Cowell, Irene Nashcarr, Steven Nashcarr, Sarah D’Souza, Rhea D’Souza and Nicole Smith. These youngsters have tremendous talent and I’m sure they won’t disappoint us. 


There was no better way to kick off our activities than to celebrate Our Teachers and Our Grandparents of the branch. Teacher’s Day and Grandparent’s Day was celebrated on the 4th of September 2010 and I’m sure all the teachers and the grandparents enjoyed themselves and so did the others at this party.


The first activity of ours was the Blood Donation Camp on the 22nd of April 2011 at the Kurjee Holy Family Hospital which had a good turnout.


We then had the Easter Dance on the 24th of April 2011 at the Don Bosco Academy Hall which had a pretty good response too.


The Eighth Inter-School Hector Angus Brown Memorial English Debate was held on the 7th of May 2011 at the Don Bosco Academy Hall where in 12 reputed school of Patna participated. 


In order to raise funds our Vice President Mr. Christopher Bachmann had arranged for us two stalls at the Easter Mela organized by the Baptist Church, but unfortunately due to bad weather and early closure of the mela we ran into a loss. 


World Anglo-Indian Day was celebrated at building # 137 PPC with a thankgiving service by Rev. Fr. Ignas followed by social and dinner.


When it was brought to our notice by the head office that the Danapur Branch had completed forty years in service of the community and society we decided to celebrate this as the Ruby Jubilee. We even drew out a grand calendar of activities to celebrate the occasion but fell short of a few.


The next fund raising activity was the Painting Competition which was also a huge success.  We needed to make this big as we needed all the money possible for our main event – the Ruby Jubilee Celebration.  A huge thank you to the Mr. & Mrs. A.G.deRozario, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Galstaun, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Galstaun, Mr. & Mrs. Mervyn Cowell and Mr. & Mrs. Ronny Shah for all their help and co-operation in making the Painting Competition a huge success. Special thanks also to Mr. & Mrs. Anthony deRozario and Ms. Mary Alphonsa for all their help and co-operation too.


When you have a grand celebration like a Ruby Jubilee, it’s just natural to have our own souvenir.  Moreover, it’s not only a souvenir highlighting our achievements and activities, it also brings in the much need revenue to celebrate such a grand occasion.  Special thanks to Mr. Michale Daniell and Mr. Alan Cowell for that wonderful, colourful and spectacular souvenir.  Special thanks to Mr. Eric deRozaio for arranging the sponsors for the souvenir. 


When you have a Ruby Jjubilee celebration and a souvenir, you also need a special logo to commemorate the occasion, so we had a logo competition. And the winner was Mrs. Regina Cowell, she not only designed a fantastic logo she won a cash prize of Rs. 2500/- too, Congratulations once again and your services will be needed once again on a larger scale.


To celebrate our main activity  - The Ruby Jubilee Celebration we wanted to have an inter branch meet of erstwhile Bihar branches and a few branches as special invitees.  We had invited the Jamshedpur Branch, Ranchi Branch, CKP Branch, Dhanbad Branch, Kolkatta Branch, Kharagpur Branch, Bhubaneshwar Branch and the Patna Branch.  But unfortunately, only the Jamshedpur and Patna Branches came in full force while a few members came from Bokaro and Ranchi. 


We had invited Mr. Neil O’Brien our President-in-Chief to attend the main celebration, but due to ill health he was unable to attend.  Mr. Glen Galstaun – MLA Jharkhand, Mr. Barry O’Brien – MLA West Bengal and Mr. Ian Meyers – governing Bodo Member and President of the Kolkatta Branch accepted our invitation and attended the celebration too.  I’m sure we did not disappoint them.


The Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony was His Excellency the Hon’ble Governor of Bihar Mr. Devanand Konwar who gave away special awards to members of the community and the highlight of the awards ceremony was the Hector Angus Brown Lifetime Achievement Award conferred upon Mr. ALFRED  GEORGE de ROZARIO and Mr. LEIGHLYN FERNANDEZ.


Other than the awards and rewards, the inter branch games and competitions were a hit too, the social at the Dominic Savio’s Poolside was well attended and all those who attended enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  I place on record my sincere thanks to the Director and Principal of St. Dominic Savio’s for giving us their premises and the swimming pool to successfully conduct the pool side party.  The main highlight the Ruby Jubilee Ball with Blue Mist in attendance was a smashing hit, I’m sure we didn’t want the show to close, but all good things come to an end. 


All those who attended the Ruby Jubilee Celebrations still talk of the hospitality extended to them by the Danapur Branch and its great organizing capabilities under the leadership of its young dynamic President Eric de Rozario and the ever watchful eyes of our mentor Mr. A.G.de Rozario. We, the committee members worked very, very hard to make the Ruby Jubilee Celebrations a superb success. We did have a wonderful time with the guests living on campus.  It truly was an enriching experience.  I take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped us in that event and very specially Mr. & Mrs. Rozario for all their help and co-operation.  I thank all the volunteers for their contributions too, the Choir, Angela for preparing the kids and their dance item, Andrea and James for the wonderful decorations. I thank my committee members who worked overtime to make the event a super duper hit – and that’s why I call you guys a rocking team.  And now we have an even bigger event coming up and I hope we live up to the expectations of all those who believe in us.


We worked so hard and spent all our energy and resources on the Ruby Jubilee that we just could not take up the other annual events of our branch – my sincere apologies for that.


At the last branch AGM Eric and myself had promised to take as many student members to the Joint AGM at Pune and we did not disappoint, we took six young ones to Pune and I hope they had a wonderful experience and pray that they get more involved in working of the association.  At the Pune AGM the Danapur Branch won the Best Branch Award.  A tremendous achievement.


The Annual Christmas Tree Party was not as grand as previous years due to poor attendance.  But the New Year’s Eve Dance was a successful and grand show by the Danapur & Patna Branch members with a live band in attendance and a full house.   A huge thank you to the Presidents of Danapur and Patna branches for successfully organizing such wonderful get-togethers.  Thanx Eric.


And now it’s time to thank everyone who helped us with all our activities and programmes. 


First, I’d like to thank all the Principals and schools for their active participation in all our activities.  It’s an honour and privilege for us to have the best schools of Patna participate in our activities.  So here’s a big thank you to all the Principals, staff and students of all these schools for their unstinted help, support and co-operation. 


Very Special Thanks to Dr. Shanker Dutt and Dr. Munniba Sami for their help and co-operation and always being with us. 


Special thanks to all our sponsors who have contributed so generously towards all our activities and events.  Their contribution is most valuable, without them our activities are not possible.


I thank very specially Mr. Michael Daniell for regularly updating our website, preparing the multimedia presentations whenever needed and designing and printing the special certificates too, very  specially his time for the Ruby Jubilee Souvenir.   Thank you Mike.


I thank very specially Mrs. Rozario for sponsoring our website and providing us the Don Bosco Primary School facilities whenever required. 


Our sincere thanks to Mr. Rozario – Director of DBA and Ms. Mary Alphonsa – Principal of DBA for helping us by providing us the Don Bosco Academy premises and its facilities for our functions. Thank you Sir and Mam for all your help and co-operation. 


I thank all our members for supporting us in all our endeavors.  Your presence alone at all our activities and programmes is enough to boost our morale, and that’s what we always ask for other than your subscriptions.  Please pay you subscriptions regularly.     


Don’t forget my Committee members for always being there with one another in all the activities no matter how difficult the task or short the time.  That’s why I call them “A Rocking Team” it’s a pleasure working with you guys.  Please give them a huge, huge round of applause. 


A huge thank you to our Young Dynamic President – Eric de Rozario for leading from the front, for his unflinching commitment & hard work.  He deserves a huge round of applause.  Please put your hands together for  Eric de Rozario. 


And most importantly the biggest thank-you of them all to Mr. & Mrs. Rozario, for their unflinching support and co-operation in all our endeavors – Thank you very much Madam and Sir for all that you’ll do for the community and very specially for us at the Danapur Branch.  May God’s Blessings be with you’ll forever.  Thank you once again. 


Thank you all for coming and God Bless Our Community!!!!!!!