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DANAPUR      branch



Dear Members,

It’s been exactly three months since we last met. The last being the Boxing Day Party along-with members of the Patna Branch at DBA hall and it sure was a wonderful evening in true Christmas Spirit.  And taking that spirit forward both the branches will celebrate Easter together beginning with a very a charitable and noble act – Blood Donation.

A Blood Donation Camp will be held on Good Friday at Holy Family Hospital from 08:00 am to 11:00 am.

Members who can donate blood are requested to donate their precious  blood for the needy.  Please encourage your friends to donate too.  Donating blood is not only a noble deed, its healthy for the body.

An Easter Party will be held on Easter Sunday at the Don Bosco Academy Hall starting at 07:00 pm.  Please confirm your attendance immediately for catering purpose.  Please give the names of children ( 12 years and below ) as the branches will be giving them an Easter Egg each.

Members are requested to confirm their attendance  on the reverse of this notice/call/whatsapp to the undersigned immediately.

Looking forward to seeing you all at both these events.

Thanking you,

For The AIAIA, Dnr. Br.,


Honorary Secretary





All Members,

The All-India Anglo-Indian Association,

Danapur Branch


CHRISTMAS the festival of Love, Peace, Hope and Joy for people of every walk of life is the happiest time of the year, and with your co-operation and generosity we intend to have a wonderful Christmas this year too.

The festivities will begin with the sale of Hamper Tickets. Members are to sell their Hamper Sheet/s amongst family, friends & well wishers and return the same with the money to the Honorary Secretary latest by the 16/12/17.


THE LEIGHLYN FERNANDEZ MEMORIAL CHRISTMAS CAROL COMPETITION 2017 will be held on Sunday 17 th December 2017 at the Don Bosco Academy premises, Digha Ghat starting at 10 am.


A programme to share the true spirit and message of Christmas will be held on the 19 th of December 2017 at the historic Gandhi Maidan at 4 pm. The Honorable Speaker of the Bihar Vidhan Sabha - Mr. Vijay Choudhary, our Chief Guest along with eminent personalities of Patna will deliver their CHRISTMAS message to the people of Patna, Bihar. This is the first time our branch is organizing such an open public event at the historic Gandhi Maidan. All members are to attend this function and support the efforts of the branch at this event.

The Annual Christmas Tree Party will be held on the 21 st of December 2017 at building # 126 – Patliputra Colony starting at 5 pm. Children below the age of 13 years will be given gifts from the branch. Aunty Dorothy’s Christmas cake, great games, good music, Santa and the Great Hamper Draws await you at this party. Be there !!!!!

The Danapur Branch & the Patna Branch is jointly organising The Boxing Day Dance at the Don Bosco Academy Hall, starting at 07:00 pm. Scintillating Music, exciting games, delicious dinner & great camaraderie await you. DRESS CODE – STRICTLY FORMAL. PLEASE CO-OPERATE. ( Please avoid unnecessary embarrassment ) Please confirm your participation for these events by the 19 th of December 2017 to the Honorary Secretary.


To make the Christmas Festivities successful we need all the funds possible too. Therefore, to avoid any embarrassment, members are requested to clear their subscriptions up-to December 2017 and collect the entry passes. Please pay you subscriptions vide cheque drawn in favour of Anglo-Indian Association, Danapur Branch. Having said that, I’d like to inform you that member’s whose spouse or child (who has completed high school) and is not a member of the Danapur Branch but would like to attend these functions will be permitted to attend on payment of Rs. 500/- per head per function. Outstation guests @ 200/- per head per function.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our members who have been very co-operative whenever the need arose and we look forward to your presence and co-operation at these events too in True Christmas Spirit.


June 29 th 2017

It’s been a long, long time since we got together as a community and wouldn’t it be a great idea to start afresh at the earliest.


A proposal to organize regular meetings to share our thoughts and concerns and have a little get together has been approved. Therefore, a pound party and housie will be organized every 2nd Saturday of the month at a fellow member’s house….so members please come forward and invite the community over to your house and spread the love.


Our first get together will be on Saturday 8 th July 2017 at 6:00 pm at the residence of Alan & Gladys Cowell, 99 - E, Patliputra Colony, Patna – 13. So, see you all at Alan’s place…


The Annual General Meeting ( AGM ‘17 ) of The All-India Anglo-Indian Association, Danapur Branch will be held on Saturday 29 th July 2017 at the premises of Don Bosco Academy, 126 - PPC starting at 6 pm. Members of Danapur Branch are to attend this AGM.


The AGM will be followed by the World Anglo-Indian Day Celebration wherein students of the branch will be rewarded for their perseverance in academics followed by social and dinner, (if time permits, a round or two of housie will be played, so come prepared to cratch)

Parents are requested to give the names of your children to the undersigned by 25 th July 17.



1 Address by Mr. A.G. deRozario

2 President’s Address

3 To confirm and pass the minutes of the last AGM ’16.

4 Honorary Secretary’s Report for the year 2016 - 17.

5 To present and pass the accounts for the year 2016 - 17.

6 Other Matters :

7 Election and Introduction of New Office Bearers.


Members PLEASE clear your dues up-to December 2017 as the subscriptions have to be sent to the Head Office.


Thanking you,

For The A.I.A.I.A. Danapur Branch,


Honorary Secretary




15th May, 2017

TO :

1. All Branch Presidents/Secretaries for onward transmission to Members

2. Members of the Governing Body

3. Life Members

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Annual General Meeting 2017

You will be pleased to know that the next Annual General Meeting of The All India Anglo-Indian Association will be held at YMCA, Beach Road, RK Beach, Visakhapatnam,  on Saturday, the 30th  of September, Sunday, the 1st of October, and Monday the 2nd of October (departure). Outstation Delegates are expected to arrive on Friday the 29th  of September and register/check in after lunch. The Notice and Agenda will be sent in due course.

The Governing Body by its Resolution at its meeting held in Visakhapatnam on 30th April 2017, has unanimously agreed that the formula for determining the number of  Delegates from each Branch for payment of expenses for attending the Annual General Meeting of the Association will be as follows:

i)          The expenses of One Delegate from each Branch, namely, AC 3-Tier rail fare to and fro including the expenses in respect of board and lodging (dormitory accommodation) will be met by the Association.   (Copy of the train ticket must be submitted for reimbursement – this is required for the purpose of auditing)

ii)         In case of Branches having more than 100 and up to 300 members,  the expenses of a Second Delegate in respect of Board & Lodging (dormitory accommodation) will be met by the Association. (NO TRAIN FARE).

iii)        In case of Branches having more than 300 members, the expenses of a third Delegate, namely, AC 3-Tier rail fare to and fro including the expenses in respect of Board and Lodging (dormitory accommodation) will be met by the Association.

iv)        Any expenses of those who fall outside this formula will not be met by the Association.  Such expenses  shall be recov ered from the individual concerned @    Rs 3700/-  for three nights dormitory accommodation (29th September – arrival, 30th September, 1st October, 2nd October – till lunch time), three breakfasts, three     lunches and three dinners, including the Meet and Greet, Beach Party and Delegates’ Ball. Students in school/college - Rs 2,700.

You are requested make a note of the following:

· Only the first 300 outstation Delegates to register (by 31 July) will be provided dormitory accommodation at one of the locations where staying arrangements are being made. (Last date of registration - 31 July).

· It will  not be possible for the organizers to make arrangements for local conveyance from and to the Airport or Railway Station. However, there will be a Help Desk at the  Airport and at the Railway Station. It will be manned right through the day on Friday 29th  September from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. On arrival, you may approach the Help Desk for assistance. Please note that Delegates will have to make their own arrangements at their own expense. Members of the Organising Committee will be present to assist and advise you with regard to the best transport option.

· Registratio n and Check-ins will only  beg in from 2.30  p.m.  onwards  on the 29 th   o f September, 2017, and not before that. Those delegates arriving earlier than that will have to make their own arrangements. (For those who arrive early on the 29th of September, it could, however, be the ideal opportunity to form your own groups and move around Vizag – it’s a lovely city!)

· Delegates must check out of the accommodation provided by 9 a.m. on Monday the 2nd of October, 2017 – before the start of the Business Session on the last day.

· Those who will be making their own arrangements to stay should specify this in the Registration Form and mention that they DO NOT require the organizers to make arrangements for their stay in the dormitories. These outstation Delegates will also pay Rs 3,700 (members) and Rs  2, 700  (students  in school/college) for  all meals a nd ent ert ainment.  (L as t date of registration for these Delegates is also 31 July).

· Should you require information about hotels near the Meeting venue, do drop us a line (email) - we shall put you in touch with members of the Organising Committee – they will help you find clean and comfortable accommodation within your budget

· Children below the age of 15 should not be brought to the Business Meetings and the  Delegates’ Ball.

· Only  members  can attend the Business Meetings.

· The Branch Presidents or Secretaries are requested to send to Mrs. Vinisha Nero, Honorary General Secretary, as early as possible, but not later than the              31st of July, 2017 , the names of the Delegates who will attend the AGM, their gender, age, and whether dormitory accommodation is required.   Registration Form               enclosed.

· Delegates  mus t make their (co nfirmed) return reservatio ns  befo re their departure for Visakhapatnam.

Please write to, preferably by email:

Mrs. Vinisha Nero, MLA,

Email:     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Honorary General Secretary

No 24, 25

1st Floor, BDA Shopping Complex

1st Stage, 2nd Block, HBR Layout

Bangalore - 560084

For telephone enquiries call or whatsapp at   +919831559881

We are pleased to inform you that the Organising Committee of the 2017 AGM comprises many stalwarts and youth members, and is headed by the following members:

Chairman of the Organising Committee : Mr Phillip Tocher, MLA and GB Member

Convenor of the Organising Committee : Mr Noel Thomas

Assistant Convenors  : Mrs Pamela Francis and Mr Claudius Rosario

Secretariat  :Mrs Phyllis Pereira

Thank you.

Our warmest regards and best wishes,

Barry O’Brien                                                                               Vinisha Nero

President-in-Chief                                                                          Honorary General Secretary

Encl:   Registration Form and Programme



Friday, 29th September 2017 Arrival of Delegates & Registration

2.30  p.m.  onwards                           Delegates  Arrival  &  Registration

7 p.m . onwards                                 Meet  & Greet (Dress  Code:  ETHNIC;  super  prizes for Best Dressed);  Scratch, Chill,  Make  Friends,  Groove to

the   music  of Vizag 's top  DJ ;  Dinner


Saturday, 30th September 2017

7.30 a.m. – 9 a.m.                              B r e a k f a s t

10 a.m. – 11.30  a.m.                         Ina u gur a tio n  &  N a tio na l Awa r ds  C er e m o ny

11.30  a.m. - 12 Noon                        President-in -C hief 's  Coffee  Party

12.30 - 2 p.m.                                    AGM Called to Order - Business Session

2 – 3 p.m.                                          Lunch

3 – 5 p.m.                                          Business Session

5.00 –  6.30 p.m.                               Tea /Free   Tim e /Rest/Refresh

6.30 p.m.                                           Leave  for  Beach  Par ty

7 p.m.  onwards                                Beach  Party (hear the sound  of music  over the  roar of the sea (Dress  code:

Strictly  Beachwear ;  c r a z y  p r iz e s   for Best  Dressed )  Fun Games,  Dance

to  the  Music  o f  Vizag 's  Most  Talented  Musicians  &  D J ;  Dinner  &  D a nc e


Sunday, 1st October 2017

7.30 –  9 a.m.                                    Breakfast  / Sunday  Service/Mass  (Roman  Catholics  and CSI) at respective


10:30  a.m. - 1:30 p.m.                     Presidential Address; Business Session

1:30 - 2:30 p.m.                                Lunch

2.30 – 4.30 p.m.                                Business Session

4.30 – 7 p.m.                                     Tea /Free  Time /Stroll  on  the  Beach /Rest/Refresh

7 p.m . onwards                                Grand Delegates  Ball (Dress:  Strictly Formal); Dinner & Dance;

Theme: A Night  at the Oscars  Get interviewed  as you Walk  the Red

Carpet in your  gowns,  tuxedos  and  suits;  face the  flash  bulbs  of the

paparazzi; get   clicked  with  Hollywood's  greatest  stars;  dance

to  the  music  o f Vizag 's  Best  Live Ba nd  a s they  cha r m  you with

their  music  into another  world.


Monday, 2nd October 2017

7 – 8.30 a.m.                                     B r e a k f a s t

8.30 – 9.30 a.m.                                Check  Out

10 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.                           Concluding Business Session followed by a special  Anglo-  Indian 'farewell'


Save the image below and print out:-

aiaia vizag agm 2017 registration form page_1


fbook icon



We have forged a history in many ways of any larger community

Anywhere in the world and this could be justifiably proud.

Let us cling and cling tenaciously, to all we hold dear –

Our Language, Our Way of Life, Our Distinctive Culture.

But let us always remember that we are Indians. The community is Indian.

It has always been Indian. Above all, It has an inalienable Indian birthright.

The more we love and are loyal to India, the more India will love and be loyal to us

I do not believe that the community will be absorbed or disappear because of some

Allegedly inevitable historical-cum-biological processes.

Anglo- Indians have a certain coherent sense, which in the final analysis will ensure

Continuing cohesion and identity.- Frank Anthony



"EASTER PARTY" on 1st April 2018- Easter Sunday at Don Bosco Academy, Digha Ghat, Patna

Check for - Details




Information Required ??? - can you help


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A Town an Anglo-Indian School revived !!

The Danapur Branch wins the BEST BRANCH Award 2011-from the All India Anglo-Indian Association New Delhi at the Pune AGM. -click here for photo

"END of the RAAJ" - a documentary on the Anglo-Indians by Paul Harris.

A promotional film on - anglo-indian-isms by Paul Harris

Would you like to travel to Britain to discover your living relatives? Visit www.guesstherelative.tv to find out more and apply to take part. Dragonfly Television in London, UK is making an brand new TV show all about British families and their long lost relatives! We’re currently looking for people in India who think they may have a family connection to Britain OR some British relatives who they have never even met. Whether your Great Great Grandfather was born in England or your Great Aunt lived in Scotland... If you think you, or anyone you know, may have any British ancestry, we want to hear from you!

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Kay Green, t. 44 207 033 2303
McCluskiegunj- The Lost Home of the Anglo-Indians - A Lok Sabha TV production
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