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Anglo-Indian Furniture:
Born of a marriage that produced rough-edged energy and exotic good looks, the furniture is a combination of English design and Indian craftsmanship that is admired on both sides of the cultural divide
ai bed_small  A typical Anglo Indian Bed ai desk_small  An Anglo Indian Writing desk  ai side_boatrd_small An Anglo Indian Side Board
 ai marble_top_console_small An Anglo Indian Table top Marble Console  ai sewingbox_small Highly Unusual Anglo Indian Ivory and Sadeli Box, 19th Century; square with radiating bands of sandal wood and ivory decorated with micro mosaic sadeli roundels; opening to a plain interior ai bureau_small  Royal Anglo Indian Bureau Bookcase With Clawfeet & Pillar Motif
 ai travelling_chest_small An Anglo Indian Traveling Chest  ai chestdrawers_small An Anglo-Indian chest of drawers in satinwood. The drawers having ebony cock-beading. ai 17thcarmchair_small  17th century carved anglo indian arm chair`
 ai door_small Anglo Indian doors with stone bases and original paintwork. Indian carving with European influence.  ai cardcase_small Anglo Indian carved & ivory engraved card case  ai armore_small 19th century anglo indian armoire
ai cbkeralarosesatinwood_small  Anglo Indian-Kerala bureau of rosewood & satinwood finish ai centretable_small  Anglo Indian rosewood center table ai childarmchair_small  Anglo Indian Child Arm Chair
ai sideboard2_small  Anglo Indian sideboard of rosewood ai childrockingbed_small  Anglo Indian Child Rocking Chair ai sidechair_small  Anglo Indian Side Chair of rosewood
 ai stool_small Anglo Indian Stool ai teachest_small   An important and monumental Anglo Indian Vizagapatam black buffalo horn tea chest. ai tiltteatable_small  Anglo Indian Tea Tilt rosewood table
ai teakironjali_gates_small  Anglo Indian Teak & Iron Jali Garden Gates ai tortoiseshell_velvetbox_small  Anglo Indian tortoiseshell and ivory velvet lined box. ai wc  Anglo Indian WC
 aicupboardrosewood small Anglo Indian wooden bureau  ai ebonychairs_small Carved Anglo Indian Ebony armchairs  ai ivory_suite_small Anglo Indian Ivory carved Suite
 AI PIERTABLE_small Anglo Indian Pier Table ai marble_top_console_small  Anglo Indian Marble top console ai slver_chairs_small  A Pair of Large and Imposing Anglo-Indian Silver Veneered Repousse Thrones with Accompanying Footstools
19th century_ottoman1 19th Century Ottoman 1230-anglo-indian-sofa-0ce-c Anglo-Indian Sofa ai tray A.I. Tray
antique-stool-moroccan-leather1 A.I. Stool -Morrocan Leather bauer-international-anglo-indian-colonial-indoor-bench



A.I. Colonial-partners-desk

planters chair A.I. Planters Chair rosewood and_cane_chair2

A.I. rosewood cane chair

satin wood_cash_box A.I. Satin-wood cash box
slant front_desk A.I. Slant Front Desk teak campaign_day_bed_with_wood_slots

teak campaign day bed with wood slots

tete-tete ebony_chair1

tete-tete ebony chair

vizagapatnam sewing_box

vizagapatnam sewing box

Anglo Indian_Reclining_Chair   Anglo-Indian reclining chair  Antique Anglo_Indian_Campaign_Chest Antique A.I. Campaign chest